Tweet Deck


I have now been using twitter for a number of years in terms of sharing ideas, professional development, etc, and in particular have enjoyed events such as #appsharelive as well as twitter chats such as #sltchat.

In the time I have generally just made use of the twitter site and also made use of the twitter app on an Android phone and tablet.    I have also been making use of Evernote to allow me to store any particular tweets or blog entries for later use of reading.

Tweetdeck which is part of twitter isn’t something I have used much until recently however having used it I can’t understand how I did without it.    Tweetdeck allows you to create decks which filter twitter content to allow you to access it easily.

One Satursday for example I made use of tweet desk to filter out the twitter activity associated with the #appsharelive event.   This allowed me to easily see the specific tweets relating to the event to allow me to follow the chain of discussion and reply as needed without having the confusion of other tweet threads, etc appearing.    At the same time I can have a separate deck for my normal view so I can view both a filtered and unfiltered view at the same time.      It also allows you to have multiple filters running at once where you happen to be multi-tasking across multiple twitter chats at the same time.    You can also create a deck focused on activity associated with a twitter list so if you have all your #edtech teachers as a list you can create a deck of all posts from these twitter users.

Overall its an excellent app to help you make more of the twitter and of the excellent resources and ideas being shared.




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