Voting systems are nothing new to education however they often involve the purchasing of expensive handsets……which often go missing and get broken.

Plickers is a new cheaper alternative to these systems.   At the time of writing sign up for the site was free.

Each student is provided with a QR Code style card with A, B, C and D around the outside of the code.   These QR Code cards can be downloaded from the plickers site, with each student being given a unique card so individual responses can be identified.  Students rotate the Code so that the answer they wish to select (to vote with) is at the top of the code.   They then hold this up.

The teacher now uses Plickers on their mobile phone to video the room, with the software identifying each QR code and the orientation and therefore answer, for each student.   Via the mobile phone the results are shared back to the Plickers site so that the teacher can then either view the results of can share them with the class via their laptop or desktop.

So plickers is ideal if you want to do a quick quiz with students, or if you want to check how they feel about their own learning or if you want to get their opinions.   An excellent little app.


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