A colleague recently approached me with regards getting secondary screens installed in some classrooms for use as display signage and also as a back channel for students to use during lessons.   This and a tweet regarding ways to display the activity from a specific twitter chat got me thinking of twitterfontana (

Twitterfontanta basically displays the activity from a user definable hashtag in a big screen format and with some limited user customization available.   Each tweet is displayed one and a time with the user able to set the period used by the site between updates.

I have used twitterfontana on a number of occasions within conference events in showing the tweets associated with an events hashtag as delegates arrive and also showing tweets with questions and feedback towards the end of a training event or conference session.    I have also used it in lessons as a method of supporting students to ask questions, with twitter used as a back channel.     Students basically tweet any thoughts or questions using a pre-agreed hashtag.    Twitterfontana is then used to display the tweets as they come in so that they can either be addressed during the course of the lesson or towards the end of the lesson.

Twitterfontana is just one tool which is useful at the start or end of a lesson or throughout particularly where there are two screens available.

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