I enjoy blogging, trying to share my thoughts and ideas and also creating a record of my thoughts which I can later revisit to examine how my thought processes, beliefs and values have developed and changed over time.


My favourite tool for doing this, and the tool I use for this site itself, is WordPress.    I find the site intuitive and easy to use also allowing for the management of multiple sites from a single account.   At one point I had four or five active WordPress sites relating to different events and programmes I was involved in out in the UAE, and WordPress allowed me to manage all of them from a single location.    WordPress also provides a mobile app which means you are able to create updates, etc. while on the move which is a critical feature in the busy life of a teacher.

As a teacher it is also free which is always a big benefit.   It can be useful for sharing ideas with students, as a tool to provide them access to learning resources possibly, or to provide them a record of how their learning has progressed over time.    The students themselves could be invited to contribute content for a site under the watchful editorial of their teacher.

WordPress can also be an active part of your continual professional learning (or development depending on which term you prefer).   For me it is a place to record my thoughts and ideas and to allow me to share them with the wider educational community.   In writing ideas down I am having to reconsider them and learn from them.    In receiving comments and feedback I am invited to consider new perspectives and ideas.

If you haven’t given WordPress a try I would definitely recommend it however I do note that you only get what you put in.   If you commit to posting ideas and content, sharing with others, etc. then you will get a lot out of it however if you just dip your toe in you are likely to gain little so be prepared to put the effort in if you want to see any real benefit.

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