I love using twitter however this can become a bit of a logistical nightmare in terms of ensuring you follow those people that follow you back.   This is especially true while you are still below the limit imposed by twitter on new users of 2000 follows.   At this point it is important to only be following those people of interest plus those people that follow you back.

Statusbrew, previously known as is the solution.   It provides a suite of tools to help you manage your twitter account as well as other social media accounts.   Using Statusbew you can identify the people you follow which are not following you back.   You can also identify those accounts which have been dormant for a period of time.     Another useful feature is being able to identify those twitter users which have mentioned you so that you can follow them, and add them to your professional learning network.

I regularly use Statusbrew just to conduct a periodic tidy up of my twitter account.    As a tool for a connected educator, Statusbrew is very useful indeed.

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