One Minute Manager meets the monkey

One of my favorite books is The One Minute Manager Meets The Monkey by Ken Blanchard.   I first came across it some years back when I first became a middle manager and upon taking on a postgraduate management course.


The thing about the book is that it is very simple to read and very accessible.    It only contains 150 pages plus the font size is not exactly small  however don’t let this fool you into thinking the book isnt useful or is basic.   The book focuses on presenting a straight forward approach to dealing with the difficulties associated with managing a team and getting the best out of them.    The main focus area is on trying to empower team members so that they are able to thrive in their position while managing the associated risk for where they may not be fully clear as to next steps.

As a book I found it very useful as a middle leader who had just been promoted from a teaching position.    I was still finding my feet and very much trying to lead by example and be supportive and helpful however in doing so may have encouraged people to seek my assistance more than they needed to.       I have also continued to find the book useful as a reminder of the need to empower others where possible and to avoid being too hands on.    I also believe my colleagues over the years have found it useful as I am now on my 4th copy having previously lent previous copies out never to be seen again.

Overall I would very much recommend this book.    It is such a short, simple easy to read book that spending time on it, the little that is required, is almost always going to be worth it.





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