Digital Citizenship

For a while now I have been sharing various online articles which I believe relate to Digital Citizenship via twitter and also sometimes via linkedIn however it recently came to me that it might be useful to curate these tweets so that teachers looking for discussion material in relation to specific aspects of Digital Citizenship might be able to use them.

To that end I created three Wakelets based on three themes which I thought we reasonably common in relation to Digital Citizenship.

Cyber Security, Data Protection and Big Data
AI, Driverless cars, drones and the other societal changes with Tech may bring
Mobile Devices: To ban or not to ban?
Social Media

Now it may be that in future I may expand the number of themes.  I suspect this is highly likely, but for now the above are hopefully a good starting point.

[update 24/02/2020]: I have now added a fourth wakelet below plus have added a number of new posts to each of the wakelets.

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